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Anonymous Asked: Do you think there is ever a time in which Lily is in a relationship with Lorcan or if she has ever to choose between the Scamander twins?

The only person whom I picture dating both is Dominique, but she never has to choose between them because she dates Lysander when she’s ~15 and at that point she hates Lorcan

In my mind Lily kind of has to choose between Scorpius and Lysander, but I could see something happening with Lorcan! Not a serious relationship, but perhaps a drunken kiss when she’s in an argument/having a break with Lysander and turns to his brother. Probably when she’s 16-18, and it wouldn’t mean anything in a sense (because Lorcan, despite his macho ways, would never do that to his brother, and Lily would hate to hurt Lysander). I feel like after it they’d both be really guilty (even though Lily/Ly were “on a break”) and they wouldn’t tell Lysander for a while. Then it would just start eating at Lily and she’d get more and more guilty and eventually would just tell him.

Lysander would take it well(ish) — he’d either shake it off or be annoyed for a few days but let it go eventually. He trusts Lily/Lorcan and he’d know they’d never DELIBERATELY do anything; the only time anything would ever happen between them is if they were in completely surreal circumstances.

Then years down the line when Lily and Lysander are hanging out with their kids and Lorc/Dom are over for Sunday lunch, Lysander would bring it up like, “Hey remember that time when …” as a joke and it’d just turn into one of those funny stories.

NB: This would never happen with anyone else. Say Lily kissed an ex-boyfriend or she’d MEANT to kiss Lorcan — that wouldn’t be okay for Lysander and he’d have to seriously question everything. In real life, Lily and Lorcan would never, ever, ever happen (there’s always that one person who you just can never think of in that way) so in that sense it’s kind of not as bad as it could be. It all makes sense in Lysander’s head, anyway, even if I can’t really explain it properly.

I don’t think she’d then have to choose between the twins, but this is what I could potentially see happening if she was in a situation with both of them!

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When the Sorting Hat was placed upon James Sirius Potter’s head, it took almost seven minutes fighting with James over whether to put him in Gryffindor or Slytherin.

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Lily was by far the most artistic of the Potter children. She practiced photography, was rather skilled at drawing, and wrote poetry on an almost daily basis. She wasn’t all that talented at painting, though - unless you counted her aimlessly throwing bright colors at a canvas and calling it “Abstract”.

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Lily Potter enjoyed nothing quite as much as she enjoyed her one week every summer she spent at the non-magical Dursley household.

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Lucy died at the age of 22. Her twin sister, Molly, made sure she lived forever in her books.
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All of the Weasley-Potter children hated the Burrow. It reminded them too much of all the expecations that came with being part of the Weasley-Potter clan.

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According to James, the only girls at Hogwarts who weren’t after one of the Potter brothers were his cousins and his sister. Albus also liked to include anyone who wasn’t single, anyone who had expressly stated that they weren’t interested, and professors.

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Lily’s first heartbreak was over Seamus Finnigan’s youngest son, Devon. The first person she went to was Victoire, who knew exactly what to do and say. Lily’s always been thankful for that.

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Anonymous Asked: I'm sorry if this is weird, but could you do everyone's sleeping positions, please?

It’s not! :)

  • Ted: Varies, sometimes he’s sprawled everywhere and sometimes he’s just straight, it depends what bed he’s in etc. He doesn’t normally keep the sheets in the right place, either
  • Victoire: In that half-foetus position where you’re on your side and one leg’s straight and the top leg is bent up. Sometimes turns from side to side but in a quiet way
  • Dominique: Very straight on her side, minimal cover moving
  • Louis: In a lil ball buried under his covers. He’s one of those who can sleep completely under the covers without getting too hot or feeling short of air
  • James: On his front with his arms bent over his head — idk how to describe this but if you lie on your front and then put one arm up and dangle it over the back of your head. He’s another one for messy sheets but he doesn’t like not having cover
  • Albus: On his side, legs slightly bent but mostly straight. He turns to each side a lot and his arms are normally splayed out across the bed
  • Lily: Foetus position, hands/arms under her head; not one for turning
  • Rose: Straight on her back. You could mistake her for dead, really; she doesn’t move apart from one arm maybe being across her torso
  • Hugo: Cocoon — he wraps his feet up and his sides in so he’s like a parcel. Doesn’t really move much; sleeps on his back but not as put-together as Rose is
  • Fred: He’s another cocoon, but he sleeps on his front and the fitted sheet that goes over your mattress ends up halfway down his bed. His actual quilt stays wrapped around him, but the sheet ends up in the middle of nowhere
  • Roxanne: Like a starfish; on her back, arms and legs taking up as much space as possible. The quilt is a lost cause; it normally ends up either at the bottom of her bed or on the floor
  • Molly: She changes — a cross between Lily’s foetus position and Victoire’s half-foetus position, depending. She likes her bed neat and hates it when the quilt gets loose
  • Lucy: On her back with her arms and legs bent. If you saw her you’d assume she fell from a great height and broke her bones; she bends all her limbs but does stay fairly still during the night
  • Lorcan: Depends on whichever girl he’s slept with that night and her sleeping patterns, but normally on his side. He has a tendency to put his face on other people’s shoulders, which is kinda cute and makes girls fall for him because he’s being vulnerable
  • Lysander: In the ‘big spoon’ position. He doesn’t really toss and turn much; he switches sides sometimes but never enough so that you’d really notice. He covers his mouth with his quilt when he sleeps, based on having a few nightmares about dementors as a kid, and it just became a comfortable habit
  • Scorpius: He kinda switches it up; he sleeps like Ted. Sometimes he can be all over the place with the quilt at an odd angle; other times he’s pretty still. He hates sleeping on his front, but he does that every now and again if he can’t get to sleep. He doesn’t do a cocoon but he does tuck his sides in

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Albus was the tallest Potter, having inherited Ron’s gangly Weasley genes. James was built more like Fred and George, and Lily was fairly gangly like Al, almost reaching James in height.

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Around the time she was thirteen, Victoire was a Directioner.

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The day Rose told her family about her relationship with Scorpius Malfoy, a few members of the family placed bets on when it would end. Albus Potter was made five galleons richer in the summer of 2026, when Rose married Scorpius.
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Rose Weasley certainly had her mother’s brains, but her mannerisms were that of her father’s.

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Anonymous Asked: Can please you sort the guys from most to least romantic and explain why? Thanks.

Of course!

  • Victoire: She just adores love. She’s not necessarily the most romantic in relationships because that’s a different situation, but she’s the one who dreams the most and believes in true love. She’s the one who helps fix relationship problems and who loves it when her cousins get new girl/boyfriends because oh, the concept of love is so important to her. She’s the kind of girl who’s daydreamed about her wedding since she was six, and even if the actual wedding isn’t like that it’s okay because love is more important

(there’s a MASSIVE gap now. Not because no one else is romantic, but because Victoire’s at another level)

  • Lysander: He’s very shy and sweet, smart and sensible. He’s been in love with Lily since day one; he’s the one who blushes the most even though he’s the one who pretends the most to have it all together. He’s romantic in relationships because he really values it — he dated Dominique for a bit and even though they weren’t soulmates he gave it his all; when he’s with Lily and they have petty arguments he just boops her nose and kisses her forehead because the amount of love he has for her is unreal. He and Victoire actually bond over their unrequited love for Lily/Ted when it’s not yet happened, and years later they still have that bond because they both know what it’s like to appreciate a relationship more because you’ve waited so long for it. He’d never daydream to love songs, but he does have a lot of love angst and he does sigh wistfully a lot
  • Lucy/Louis: These are both kinda even but for different reasons. Lucy’s pragmatic and has a lot of common sense, but she’s also inquisitive and creative and, like Victoire, she loves it when couples get together, especially when she’s young. Lucy never dates at Hogwarts until Scorpius, who, incidentally, she marries, so she’s a strange mixture of not needing love but actually adoring it.
    Louis’s the cutest thing you’ll ever find, and he’s such a happy sunshine so love is very important to him. He’s not romantic in the sense of kissing and blushing and fluttering hearts; he’s romantic for other people — Valentine’s Day is one of his favourite holidays because seeing other people happy and in love makes him so cheerful; he sends his friends cute messages and does nice things for him so he’s also platonically romantic. Having Veela charm, he’s naturally romantic in relationships and does a lot of cute things, but he doesn’t really date much during Hogwarts. When he does, he really has a connection with that person and he’s always doing things to make the relationship lovely.
  • James: If you asked him this he would deny it vigorously but he’s the second person who most believes in soulmates (next to Victoire). He’s so hideously unromantic in day-to-day life; he acts like a ‘lad’ and thinks he’s a babe magnet, but he’s secretly insecure and doesn’t even properly kiss a girl at Hogwarts. He acts all macho on the surface but his favourite daydream is finding his One True Love and getting married and living happily ever after. But just pretend you never heard that else it would seriously ruin his “reputation”. Only Lily and Roxanne have any proper idea as to his true romantic nature; Lysander has a hunch but no one else does.
  • Fred: Fred’s like Louis in that he loves seeing other people happy. Fred has a few relationships in Hogwarts but less than Louis; they’re normal relationships where you have a connection and fancy someone and then you get together, and after a few months it ends. He’d never daydream about a soulmate, but when he finally meets her (about 3 years after Hogwarts) he doesn’t even realise it until months later. She sees him as competition and doesn’t like him, but then chemicals collide and they realise they love each other. Fred’s just over a normal level of romanticism.
  • Lily: Lily’s a hard one, because she could either be at the top of this list or the bottom. She has naive crushes and is ‘in love’ with Scorpius at 13 before she even knows him properly, but after a few years she’s fearless and a bit harder and less likely to be soppy. When she’s with Lysander and even the boyfriend she had before him, she’s more back to the normal Lily ‘I believe in love’ mode, but she’s still a bit guarded. She doesn’t really give up on love even if she acts like she has. She acts a lot more hard-hearted than she is, which is why it’s difficult to place her
  • Scorpius: The defining feature with Scorpius in this is that he actually believes in love. He tries at relationships even if in the back of his mind he knows there’s not much chance of it working — because who says it won’t work out in actuality? He’s such a decent person that it actually makes him more romantic, because he values the little things and always sees beauty in people. When he’s married to Lucy they have one of those ‘perfect’ relationships where they bake cookies for their son’s friends together, and they can do different things in the same room but still feel together. He acts this way in all his relationships but it’s a bit more with Lucy since, you know, they’re married. He’d never cheat and would never get divorced; he’s romantic in that way
  • Albus/Hugo: Albus is the first of his age group to have a serious relationship; he never dates for the sake of dating. All his relationships have been year-long ones where they’re actually serious about each other. He’s undecided over whether soulmates exist and sometimes he doesn’t give his all with his girlfriends, but he means well. He’s on the fence with doing romantic things; he wants to do them but sometimes only does them for the sake of the other person.
    Hugo is, on the surface, an angry ball of rage (especially towards Lily), but he stays with his first girlfriend from third-year, so he’s actually quite romantic. During his childhood he never thought he’d be the type to care about love, but he does. He gets quite defensive about it, too; he does that cute thing of being embarrassed about being in love and he blushes and tells his tormenter (James, Lily; they’re only teasing) to shut up.
  • Molly: She’s too sensible for love. She dates, but she leaves it to her best friend Victoire to do all the daydreaming about soulmates. She’s her own person, Molly, and she acts compassionately towards her friends and cousins enough that it doesn’t make much of a difference when she’s in a relationship because she’d treat them right anyway. So she’s no more romantic to boys than she is to her friends. When she does have THE relationship with her fellow Head Boy, he’s more romantic than her. Simply because she’s never been overly cutesy but she’d still make effort, of course
  • Ted: Like Molly, he doesn’t see the point in love. When he’s with Victoire and when they’re married he does cute romantic things, and makes both big and small gestures, but up until that point he doesn’t see the need for relationships because friends are more important to him. Like, he has all the love he needs from his best friends and family, so he doesn’t think he needs anything extra
  • Rose: She has a few boyfriends in Hogwarts, but her interests lie elsewhere. She kisses boys at parties but she doesn’t bother with relationships much because she’s too busy being her own person and studying and having fun. She and the man she marries start off just being travel buddies and penpals, but eventually get together. She’s appreciative for what she has in the relationship but she’d happily skip Valentine’s Day because, in her opinion, why is one day so special? It’s more important to have a good year than only one good day
  • Dom: She’s like Rose; she doesn’t really care about love. She has more boyfriends than Rose but she doesn’t daydream about it and she doesn’t hold out for a soulmate. She’s pretty average with romantic things
  • Lorcan: He goes out with girls for the physical stuff, so he’s one of the least romantic people alive. He’d happily sleep with a girl with no strings attached, and he does, even if she’s desperately in love with him. He just doesn’t bother with deep feelings because life’s too short to waste time on ‘boring stuff’. When he’s with Dominique (when they’re about 23) he’s more romantic, but up until then he laughs out loud and relationships
  • Roxanne: Literally does not care about relationships one bit. She finds the idea of love laughable, and doesn’t get married at all. She had one boyfriend at Hogwarts, but she never gets hung up on relationships and after Hogwarts she doesn’t care enough to pursue one. She’s too busy kicking ass and having a career. She supports her friends’ and cousins’ relationships, but she honestly does not believe in love one bit and is the least romantic person you could ever find in the world

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The ask box is open again!

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